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Smartzone Migration from Hyper V to VMware

New Contributor

Hi All,

We are planning to migrate our Vsz from Hyper V to VMware using the same public IP. We set up a new Vsz and will use the configuration back up from our current Vsz to upload on the new Vsz. I am looking for some advice on the behavior of the APs once we move to the new server or if it will be seamless. What steps can we take to ensure a smooth transition? Thank you for your time!









RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @AML 

Since the platform is same, the config backup import should not cause any issues.
Once the new vSZ is up, if you are using the same IP scheme, then the APs will just connect without any issues.

However, if you are using a new IP settings on controller, then you need to push this IP to the APs.
Either from DHCP or
Use the option "Switch Over Cluster" by selecting the AP.

Once the AP connect, there will be a config push and a reboot of APs.

Note: Ensure that the hardware resource is same on new vSZ.
Ensure that the AP license is sufficient on new vSZ.