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WLAN with Access control L2 and L3 policy not working

New Contributor III

On a Smart Zone 100 controller with firmware:

I am trying to setup a WLAN with a WPA password and with a L3 policy that restricts access to our corporate network and L2 policy that restrict access to only certain MAC Addresses.

The problem I am having.....When putting all this together, the client keeps saying the password is incorrect but I know it is correct.   I can make the WLAN unsecure and the clients can get access.

I am not sure why this would be happening.    If the system allows you configure it this way then it should work, right?  What am I missing?



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @brian_koomen , looks like either the L3 ACL or L2 ACL is missing an important entry. I would suggest try to use one at a moment on the WLAN and test to narrow down whether it is the L3 ACL or the L2 ACL ( first test with only applying the L3 ACL and then with L2 ACL alone and compare which scenario is working).

As for L2 ACLs, make sure that Mac-address randomization feature of clients devices is also taken into consideration as it may cause issues because of dynamic mac-address.


Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RCWA | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks