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Smartzone 100 dont start services

New Contributor II
Hi everyone. I am new on Ruckus community and I am having problem to access web interface of my smartzone 100 controller. After a reboot I cant get access web page. SSH access is working normally. When I access the controller through ssh port i see that all services are down ("# show service" command). I already tried to UP services with the command "# service start" but even after several hours the session still shows me the following information: "Wait for (list of services) up. This list of services decreases right after the start of execution of command but then remains unchanged or even increases (as can be seen in the attached image). Looks like some service can't startup.
Is it possible that the controller is in some kind of "Maintenance Mode"? If so, is there a command to take the controller out of maintenance mode? Is there any other command I can run to know what is going on with the controller? Thank you very much for any help.

RommelImage_ images_messages_5f91c3f5135b77e2478fa1b9_7c21f57a5e85db374fe210c11d18f2e4_RackMultipart20191101724051bd7-708b72a4-d946-4fa2-9dbb-54300af4c14b-469244559.jpg1572635149

New Contributor II

Você tem uma controladora SZ100 em operação?
Tem um contrato de suporte ativo com a Ruckus?
Teria alguma forma de contactá-lo diretamente para trocar algumas informações?


Hello Rommel,

Unfortunately this can only be validated from shell mode or you can perform a Factory reset on the controller but this would wipe all of the configuration from the controller and everything would be needed to configure from scratch (this would still not be a 100% that issue will be resolved). So the best and safest option is to log a ticket with Ruckus support and let an TAC engineer resolve this issue for you.

Best Regards

New Contributor

You can use command # show cluster-state and it will provide output as follows:

Current Management Service Status : Out of service
   Current Node Status : Out of service
   Cluster Status      : Out of service
   Cluster Operation   : None
   System Mode         : Crash

   Cluster Node Information
   No.   Name                     Role
   ----- ------------------------ -----------
   1     cluster1                LEADER