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Ruckus vSZ-E or vSZ-H

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I'm reaching out to this community for some clarity on choosing between the two. I currently have vSZ-E installed, but I'm second guessing myself on installing vSZ-H. No activity yet on this instance, as we're still in the testing phases of using it, and I'm just working my way around this platform to familiarize myself with it. 

Is it best for me to just install High Scale if we're potentially managing multiple properties? Or can vSZ-E get this job done? We currently manage 2 properties, both under 50 units. We're in the process of transitioning off of Ruckus Unleashed to vSZ @ our DC. But as we proceed to add more properties, and more AP's/Switches, that'd obviously mean we'd need to scale.

Could someone break this down for me in simple terms on what I should use going forward? Can vSZ-E manage this? or should I go with High Scale for a ~better safe than sorry~  method? 


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vSZ-E can handle 1024 waps per controller or 3000 per cluster.  25k clients per controller or 60k per cluster. I think you are ok for now, and you could probably go with a Zone Director and still be ok.

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Provided the limit of 1,024 APs (or 3K per 4-node cluster) is adequate for you, I agree with Dave on using the vSZ-E.  The Essentials version is easier to manage than a High Scale.  High Scale is designed primarily for multi-tenant networks such as Ruckus Cloud.  It has the advantage of managing 10x the number of APs, but it also adds complexity and cuts the depth of stored analytics from 14 days to 1.  If you can comfortably deal with Essential's AP limits, life will be easier. 

If you have a site-to-site VPN or WAN between the properties and the datacenter, migrating from Unleashed to vSZ will be fairly easy.  If you don't, then migrating Unleashed networks that are behind a natted firewall will somewhat difficult.  In either case, the vSZ can definitely manage APs behind a natted firewall once migrated.  The big advantage of the SZ platform is that you say goodbye to the restrictions imposed by Unleashed (same subnet, max # APs, max # users).  

Another option that you might want to consider is the Unleashed Multi-Site Manager which would allow you to centrally manage all of your Unleashed networks.  Migration would be a breeze since there's no need to touch the existing Unleashed Networks except to give the master AP the UMM's address.  Unlike standalone Unleashed networks that don't require AP licenses, UMM does - $75 per AP.  Personally I think it's way overpriced considering that for $100 list price you can get the real McCoy - a vSZ AP license.  Ruckus would sell a lot more if they cut the price to half, or better yet a third.  Another reason it's overpriced is that if you ever do decide you've outgrown Unleashed and want to switch to SmartZone, all that money you spent on UMM licenses goes up in smoke.


Hi Kristphr,

Please go through below  which is good example of each High scale and Essential.

Also one of major difference between two is that Highscale can have multiple domain whereas Essential can only have one and Highscale is a three interface setup whereas Essential is just one.

Best Regards


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Hello just to add with differences:

vSZ-H does not have L2 discovery (same subnet AP discovery)

vSZ-E  Has 60 seconds update interval where High scale has 180 if I am not mistaken.

I would suggest vSZ-E for your deployment.