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Upgrade VSZ-HS from 5.1.2 to latest release

New Contributor III

Hello Team,

I have a virtual smartzone-high scale controller running on version The APs associated to the controller are mainly R320. I am planning to upgrade the controller, would you kindly inform me about the latest release that would be possible to upgrade to in my case ? besides, what are the steps required to perform the upgrade from GUI ? and will there be any downtime regarding the APs service ?

Thanks for your valuable responses in advance ! 



Hi Mohammad,

The latest and recommended release available is and you can directly upgrade from 5.1.2 to 5.2.1. If you are updating to latest you would also need to update the latest application signature package. Below is the link where you would find upgrade guide, release note and vSZ image/application signature package to better understand.

You need to upload the image on controller WEB and hit upgrade button, this would upgrade the controller (provided you have adequate licenses) but the AP's will still be online and on code 5.1.2, you would need to manually go to each zone and change/select zone firmware to latest.

Best Regards



Thanks for your response, Can i upgrade directly to 5.2.2 or should upgrade to 5.2.1 first ? 

Also what about version 6.0 ? it is not recommended in my case ? 


@mohammad_shamseddine You can directly upgrade from 5.1.2 to 5.2.2. I would suggest to upgrade to 5.2.2 MR (major release) for now and you can update to 6.1 MR once it is out.

Best Regards



Thanks for your response,  i went through the document and concluded the following to perform the upgrade 

• Download the SmartZone (GD) Sigpack 1.470.1 (Application Signature Package) and vsz-5-2-2-0-1161-mr1-patch1-software-release-ximg-image
• First goto services and profiles, application control, signature package, and install the new signature package 
• Then goto Administration, upgrade, upload the 5.2.2 .ximg image and perform the upgrade

Would you pls confirm if this is right or no, besides, i am a bit confused regarding the AP firmware, at this stage after performing the above steps , will the AP firmware be upgraded or they will still on 5.1.2 ? and if they are still on 5.1.2, what is additional step needed to upgrade AP firmware also to 5.2.2 ?

Thanks alot for your support