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Reset all Ruckus APs

New Contributor

Hello Support Team.

Is it possible to restart all my Ruckus APs at once?

Can I schedule them to restart once every 2 weeks?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @FN,

 If the APs are managed by the Zone Director, then you can try the below command from the CLI of the Zone Director. 

ruckus> enable
ruckus# debug
You have all rights in this mode.
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "reboot"

usage: remote_ap_cli [-q] {-a ap_mac | -A } "cmd arg1 arg2 .."
excute AP CLI command in remote AP
-A ; all connected AP's
-q ; do not show result
cmd ; Ruckus CLI, e.g. "get station wlan0 list"

There is no option to schedule the reboot. Please let us know once you have tried the above commands. 

Thank you!

New Contributor

Hi Amith.

I am a bit less conversant with the Zone Director. I'm currently using the CommScope Ruckus Virtual SmartZone ver.

Could you please illustrate the above script further? (with screenshots if possible).

Is it possible to execute a test script on 3 APs to test if it will work?

Thanks in advance.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @FN

Note: Below process will reboot all the APs that are placed under the zone that you will select for the script to be executed on. For testing purposes, I would request you create a new Zone and test the below process. 

As you have mentioned the vSZ is running on I assumed that the AP zone is also on the same version. 

Copy and save the below 3 lines in a notepad on your PC. 

Login into the controller Web UI. Upload the Script under Monitor -> Troubleshooting & Diagnostics -> Scripts -> AP CLI Scripts 


Click on Upload and assign any name under the script name, and select the  .txt file saved on your PC. 


After uploading the script the script will show up under the scripts. 


Click on Execute, choose the Zone and select the bottom option and all the APs under that Zone will be rebooted. 



You can verify if the script was executed by selecting and click on View Execution Summary like below. 


Thank you!

New Contributor

Is it possible to execute a test script on 3 APs to test if it will work?