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RTU 90 day temporary license warning about expiration

New Contributor II
We have a vSZ for one of our clients and recently a message poped up at the top:

***The 90-day temporary right to use (RTU) license for this system will expire on 2016-07-18. Add an Virtual SmartZone RTU license to avoid interruption to service.***

At beginning it was in in green, now its showing in yellow. The problem is we do have an RTU license installed. So I hope it finds the proper license and switches over.

I thought of posting this here first to see if other people got the same problem before bringing it to support.

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Esteemed Contributor II
The Tech Support engineer suggests "sync" your RTU license again?

Valued Contributor
Hi Alexandre,

If the sync doesn't resolve the issue, then please go to the support portal and open a ticket via the chat. As this is not something we can resolve directly via the forum.

Kind regards

New Contributor II
Yeah sync doesn't work. also downloading and uploading the license file manually didn't work either. I'll contact support.