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RTU 90 day temporary license warning about expiration

New Contributor II
We have a vSZ for one of our clients and recently a message poped up at the top:

***The 90-day temporary right to use (RTU) license for this system will expire on 2016-07-18. Add an Virtual SmartZone RTU license to avoid interruption to service.***

At beginning it was in in green, now its showing in yellow. The problem is we do have an RTU license installed. So I hope it finds the proper license and switches over.

I thought of posting this here first to see if other people got the same problem before bringing it to support.

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Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce71c_887b6321a9dab5b0309c37373bff5531_RackMultipart201606293882915e0-568685bf-0896-4c97-a871-8101ec67c96a-496806162.png1467229942