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Question regarding roam

New Contributor III

Dear, I hope you can help me with something, I am enabling smart roam in controller sz144 5.2.2 because I have noticed that the clients stay connected to the farthest AP, for this reason I want to do the following configuration. But I see that according to the roam table it is from 1 to 10 depending on the RSSI value in db, but the RSSI is in dbm or is it the SNR value?

Reference link.


New Contributor III

I am using unleashed not smartzone.
Smartroam's roam factor followed AP Rx Signal.
It was not a commonly used RSSI, so it was difficult to check on the client side.


Try adjusting the bss-minrate first.

Hi Friend, but the value roam-factor is for SNR or RSSID.?

I said "AP Rx Signal" above.
If you set the roam factor to 2, the AP will kick the client when the AP Rx signal goes below 10.

It is the kind of SNR on the AP side, not the client.

Check the detail information of the client in the controller.

I'm not sure if smartzone shows that information.

There is also a possibility that Smart Zone and Unleashed operate based on different values. It's probably better to wait for an answer from the staff.