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Will the Web Auth work if we whitelist a MAC and apply it on same SSID?

New Contributor

Hi Guys, 

We have a vSZ-H and domain for client. In that domain we have created a zone and created a SSID for the zone we have created. We have created a device access policy to disallow phones and applied it on the SSID. Also at the same time we created a L2 access control policy to allow some MACs and applied it on the same SSID. But the problem is, now the L2 Access Control policy is dropping off all the clients which were connected on the SSID through web auth. 

Is there a way we use both web auth and L2 access control policy?



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Netoyed

Irrespective of WLAN type, the L2 ACLs should do it's job. As far as the client is not randomizing the MAC address policy should work.

Please feel free to open a case with Ruckus Support, make sure to share the affected product and current firmware version. We might need to investigate this issue further.




Hey Parik,

L2 ACL is doing it's job but the thing is now the users who are supposed to go through the web authentication are not able to connect and due to this the no. of connection failures are increasing.

We have raised a case already.