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Password change

New Contributor


I recently changed my admin password from the Administration>Administrators section, but now the controller (SmartZone 100) won't let me in. It doesn't say that my credentials are wrong, it just doesn't let me in. Is it normal?

Note: This is our only admin account.


New Contributor II

You can retry after 15 to 30 minutes. I think your account is locked due to mutilple failure of login due to incorrect creds.

I left it and 8 hours later still same behavior, but it never shows an alert saying that my credentials are wrong, it just clears the form.

New Contributor II

You can retry if after 15 to 30 minutes due to multiple failure of login.


Hi Alfredo,

Do you know what version  your SZ is on?

If you are still having trouble, could you check if CLI access is working or not. If yes, you can try to reset the password from the CLI again and see if that fixes the issue. If not, please open a case with support so that they can check and fix the issue.

Below is the procedure to change password using CLI.

Log into the SCG/(v)SZ as the admin user to the CLI via SSH:
After Enable mode, go to Config mode:

lab-sz100(config)# changepassword
To change admin’s enable password:

lab-sz100# enable
Old Password: *********
New Password: ********
Retype: ********
Successful operation

Please note only the admin user account can access the Enable level of CLI.

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