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Enable smart-roam on SmartZone

New Contributor II
How can i enable smart-roam or fastroam on SZ? I have vSZ essentials and the option is not found on the gui or am i missing something? Please advise. Thanks

Hi Arranda,

Here is the answer 🙂

My understanding is that smartroam and bss-minrate are two very different things....  See my thread here for explanations of the difference.

Unfortunately the documentation on the SmartZone doesn't talk a lot about smartroam.   The KB and CLI docs do show how to turn it on: but there is no reference to the cli command that can be used to verify that it is working 😞   I can't find the equivalent of the get wlanlist and get roam_factor commands in SZ.


do show running-config zone "Zone Name" wlan "WLAN Name"

Scroll down to see if Smart Roam is enabled or disabled and at what factor. By default disabled on new WLAN's.

   Smart Roam                    : Disabled
   Smart Roam Factor (2.4G/5G)   : 1 / 1