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Certificate issue for a tunneled SSID


I have a vSZ-H and a physical data plane appliance with a tunneled SSID configured.  SSID works fine however, trying to do WebAuth so it gives a certificate error.  Installed the 3rd party valid SSL cert (wild card) and still getting an error in the browser.  Viewing the certificate it shows, it is still using the Ruckus cert and not the wild card cert that was installed. 

Mapped all the services to this cert and here is how it looks like under the SZ as a Server Certificate.  What else is missing?

Image_ images_messages_5fd11ee9c7b3b92d0a9be77d_34d1109f012fdfc503bb15b8af683dc7_image-004cfa07-9ac4-4597-a83d-8cfb3a36a2ec-879288554.png

So I understand what you are saying now.  If the cert is imported wrong shouldn't it also not work when accessing the GUI of the vSZ?  When doing so, correct cert shows up.