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Clearpass Guest Captive portal integration with Ruckus Smartzone

New Contributor II
Good day, some assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated. We currently have clearpass with a guest capitive portal with Aruba AP's. Our company had 3rd party infrastructure consisting of Smartzone and ruckus AP's, but we were forced to take it over due to unforeseen circumstances. All SSID's on Smartzone has been changed to what we use on the Aruba Side. Aruba Aps assign roles that are send to clearpass, which in turn assign the correct service. How can I get my smartzone to use my clearpass guest portal? Thank you

New Contributor III
Hi Rosa.

Maybe I'm mistaken but I believe Aruba support are the proper guys who can help you with this. Try Aruba TAC or airheads community. 
From SZ perspective since Ruckus doesn't handle 'roles' as Aruba do, one option is pointing the Guest SSID to the CP Guest VLAN that can be an option. But again, I bet Aruba's TAC have the correct answer for you.

Best regards,

New Contributor II
Thank you for your reply. I will try with them. When you say pointing the Guest SSID to the CP guest vlan - this is from a smartzone perspective?

New Contributor II

Hi Rosa,

Were you able to configure this? I'm facing the same issue 😉


kind regards,