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Can Smartzone have Different IP Adresses?

New Contributor II


My client (ISP)  is asking me that can a smartzone controller have many virtual interfaces behind physical ports. For example, we can create many domains and zones but can those domains or zones have different IP addresses ? By this way, various clients enter different IP adresses in their AP's to find controller. I searched this a lot but I could not find an answer. Can a smartzone contoller have many different IP addresses or virtual interfaces? Is there any way to do it? 


Contributor III

Dear Ali_turkdogan_783e1d,

No, Controller cannot have different Virtual Interfaces. I assume the APs are in client's location, please correct me if I am mistaken. In this case you are trying to tunnel the traffic back to SZ, then there are issues. If its local break out, then there shouldn't be any issues.


Abilash PR.

Thanks you very much. What I try to do is not tunneling. It is about controller IP address for control traffic. I just found that there are UDI's (user defined interface). Do you think client AP's can reach to the controller by entering UDI IP addresses? Thanks for reply.

Hi Ali_turkdogan_783e1d,

APs always connect to NAT interface and contro Interface, mostly UDI has been used in hotspot configuration to redirect clients to hotspot servers, there are some restrictions too.

The APs at different customer locations reach out to controller's public NAT IP as the users are local breakout, they would reach out to their respective client's Network.


Abilash PR.

Thanks for your answer.