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Slow Wifi - Lennar

New Contributor II

We have been dealing with slow wifi and determined that the ruckus unleashed R510 series routers are the issue. I tried to reset the system multiple times but the wifi is still not working properly. I would appreciate it if someone could reach out to me. 


The other ports are working; however, as seen in the figure you provided the slot 5 ports are where the router must connect for the house to receive data. The other ports are used for the access points in slot 4. The router is plugged into either c1 or c2. Therefore, there is a hardware issue. 

Hi @tomsanderson9 

The 12 ports works for data and provide power however the C 1 and C2 just for data, now temporary while you wait for your technician that will provide the diagnostic results requested, so we can confirm that the ports C1 and C2 are damage, you can connect your router to one of the 12 ports and gain internet access back.

Note: the previous command requested must be gathered while the FIOS router is connected to the possible damaged ports (C1 and C2). And like your internet must be back, your technician can gather all that information remotely, if he knows what he is doing.


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

I think I misspoke earlier when I explained the hardware issue. The technician moved the port from C1 to C2 and the internet started working throughout the house again. We are confident that one of the ports is not functioning properly. How do we validate that there is an issue with that port so we can get a replacement? 

Hi @tomsanderson9 

Sure, you can connect the Switch to the port that is not working, and run the commands I have provided, actually I will add the list, so we can see the issue, also if the port is not responding it will not provide any light when the router or any other device is connected, during the diagnostic you must have the router or any other device connected to the damaged port.

Note: like your Switch is now online, you can also connect a computer, and provide the Switch behavior with the commands and a picture of the port LED light status.

show run

show log

show lldp neigbors

show poe

For the port with problem, for example if is the #1 the X will change to 1/1/1

clear cable-diagnostics tdr x/x/x

phy cable-diag tdr x/x/x

show cable-diagnostics tdr x/x/x


clear cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/1

phy cable-diag tdr 1/1/1

show cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/1

This is an example how to read the ports, however the same Switch explain it.



Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired