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Ruckus r510 range improvement for dummies?

New Contributor III
We recently purchased a smart home that has a Ruckus r510 AP installed in the ceiling of the front entryway, which is connected to a Ruckus ICX-7150 switch in a media cabinet in the laundry room.  All the smart home features seem to be working pretty well --- the only complaint I have is that there are a few "dead spots", locations in the house  where it seems to take forever to get my smartphone to communicate to the smart home devices through the supporting apps.  I was wondering what options I might have to improve reception/range to try to eliminate these dead spots. I would not consider myself an expert on home Wi-Fi & networking, but I'm a quick study --- I'm hoping for a fairly economical solution that would also minimizes the chances of me unintentionally crashing my smart home to a point where I can't recover with my limited knowledge!

New Contributor II
Could you provide a description of the home? Single story or multiple story, # of square feet, open concept construction? Do these dead spots have anything in common? Distance to the R510, # of walls between the dead spot(s) and the R510, mirrored and/or tiled walls such as bathroom, stainless steel appliances and tile back splash like a kitchen, fireplace and chimney between you and the access point?
If the settings were left at default when installed I wouldn't expect a  Ruckus R510 to have difficulty covering a normal size home.   
There are free tools available that will allow you to see the signal level on a smart phone or a laptop.  One of my favorites is Wi-Fi Scanner by Lizard Systems. They have a free personal license.  A tool like Wi-Fi Scanner will also show you possible competing neighboring networks. 
Eliminating signal issues, strength or interference, would be my first step.

New Contributor III
I am having the same problem. 2 AP's (one downstairs and one upstairs). My Apple TV (which is less than 6 feet from the master AP downstairs), continually connects to the AP upstairs. Because of this, I am getting about 5-6 Mbps down and up on a gigabit connection. This is ridiculous. If I restart the Apple TV, it connects to the master and all is well for several hours until it reverts back to the AP upstairs. 

   As for your issue, which Apple TV version do you have? for your AP downstairs you might consider turning off auto channel switching  and set it on a specific channel since that might be a reason why your Apple TV keeps dropping and reconnecting to the upstairs AP. Try that and let me know how that works.

New Contributor III
Thanks. I'll try that.