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Ruckus WAP no longer working

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Yesterday my power went out for approximately 10 seconds. A couple of hours later all of a sudden my wifi stopped working. I have reset my modem, my router, and my ruckus device at least 5 times total. My process has been this:

Unplug Ruckus device...
Unplug router...
Unplug modem...
Wait 5 minutes...
Plug in modem...
Wait 5 minutes...
Plug in router...
Wait 5 minutes...
Plug in Ruckus device...
Wait 10 minutes...
Attempt to connect to the wifi...

Once connected, I am UNABLE to navigate to websites or anything. Randomly I will have brief moments of connectivity, in which a website will load, etc., but aside from that the wifi does NOT work. This has never happened before. I've had similar issues where I've needed to reset the Ruckus device, or follow a similar process as I outlined above, but never has it not worked after power cycling the whole system before. Also, for what it's worth, the wifi connections that are coming DIRECTLY from my router (bypassing Ruckus device) work just fine. So the issue is with the Ruckus device.

Please help, ASAP! I work from home, so I NEED wifi in order to work.



Hi @ryanchapman 


Greetings of the day,


Thanks for your detailed description,


For further troubleshooting steps please let us know the LED status of the switch and the access points using the below guide. 


R510 LED lights







Also please share the image of the switch and the access points showing the LED status and the cable connections.


Here is where you can upload the image/photo :


you can also drag it to the chat.


Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.



Best regards,


Lennar Home Community




Hi @ryanchapman 


Thanks for your response,


To solve this issue we need to check the configurations of the switch. As the Switch has steady green on the SYST and PWR we request you to take Console access to the switch in order to verify the configuartion.


To check this, first, we have to get access to the switch, and there are Two ways to get access to the switch.

  1. I) By IP Address of the Switch OR
  2. II) By Console Access to the Switch


  1. By IP address: To fix this issue, we must identify the ‘current’ IP address assigned by your local router to the switch ICX-7150-C12P

I will leave you a guide on how to perform an IP scanner on your local network to identify the switch IP address very easily. 

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications:

Once we identify the IP address of the switch proceed to access remotely to the device “Command Line” 

How to remotely access to 'ICX 7150-C12P' or 'access points' "Network devices":

If you can access the Command line should look like this:

ICX7150-C12 Router>


  1. Now please perform the following commands and share the output:


Show version

Show inline power

Show inline power detail

  1. By Console access: If access via IP address is not possible here is a guide on how to access to the Switch via console (cable access between your PC to the ICX 7150-C12P) in this case we need a USB type C to USB standard or Console cable Rj45 to USB. 

How to console in the ICX-7150-C12P


Once you are logged in to the ICX-7150-C12P please follow up the same steps that are on point '2'


Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.




Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

Please call me and walk through this. these instructions are not clear. (919) 698-2849