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My Ruckus not working software was updated last year and lights are blinking amber

New Contributor

My Ruckus not working software was updated last year and lights are blinking amber please exchange or call me for support.Case#01219758



Hi dhernz77041


Thank you for contacting Lennar Home Community.

Hope you are doing well!!!

Thank you for the information you shared.

From the case description, I could understand that your RUCKUS Device is not working and there is amber light.

Apologies, we cannot replace it till we confirm if it is a hardware issue. And

Effective November’2022, ‘Ruckus Support for Lennar Homes customers will no longer be handled by phone or email. We will be exclusively supporting customers via this community forum support model.

Could you please let me know which device you are seeing Amber lights, ICX-7150-C12P Switch, or Access Point? (Please refer to the below pictures)



Access Point:


And Could you please let us know?

  1. Was there any power outage?
  2. From when are you facing this issue?
  3. Also, please share a picture of the light status.

Thank you again.

Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

Lennar Home Community.

It looks like the issue is on the switch, there is a green and a amber light on all the time.

When pressing reset for 12 seconds all the lights on the left blink amber.

I was not able to upload image.

New Contributor

system is orange power is green

Hi @dhernz77041 


Thanks for your reply. 


Basically if the switch has one green and one yellow light, it means that the switch is stuck in boot mode.

1-Please try to disconnect from the Power outlet the ICX- 7150 and reconnect it.

2-Please try to press the reset button using a paper click or a small stick 

  1. Remove power from the switch.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button while applying power to the switch.
  3. After all the system LEDs flash amber, release the Reset button.

Video link:

If this step doesn't work, we need to perform a software recovery.

Here is the quick guide to perform software recovery.

How to perform a Software recovery on an ICX7150 switch

Ruckus ICX Recovery Load boot code from boot monitor

Note: after fixing the issue of the Switch been stuck in boot mode, please perform an upgrade to the code 08095g UFI and upgrade both partitions with the switching code file named SPS08095gufi.bin, so perform the software recovery using the code 08090k with the upgrade image file named SPS08090k.bin, then when the switch is back to normal upgrade to the file SPS08095gufi.bin for both partitions primary and secondary.

1.Upgrade a Switch ICX-7150-C12P using a USB flash drive


2. Upgrade a Switch ICX7150-C12P via TFTP


3. Upgrade a switch via Web GUI (ICX7150 Switch)


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community