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Issues with R510 APs

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I moved into a Lennar home where the previous homeowners did not reset or erase their configuration.


The set up includes two APs (R510s, one on first floor and one on second floor) and an ICX 7850 12-port switch. The switch is currently not connected to the router for up and out connectivity. I factory reset both routers a few times. Once when they were both connected to PoE ports and a second time for each one while the other that was not getting reset was disconnected to power. When I did this, I didn’t get the “Configure-Me” SSID option even after waiting 10-15 minutes for both.


On the master AP however, I got the “Recover Me” option. Past forums posts on here were not helpful with addressing the issue. Is there a default password I can use for this so I can console in and change settings?

Thank you!


Hi @ryanb2 

We can reset the access points and create a new network from scratch for you to use. 

1. Connect an ethernet cable between your ISP router and our Ruckus switch. (This step is essential to proceed with the following instructions.)

2. Ensure that the master access point displays solid green lights for PWR and CTL.

3. Follow the steps provided in the following link to reset and create a new Unleashed network.
Physical Factory Reset an Access Points Ruckus

> If you have multiple Access Points (APs) in your house, go to the Ruckus Switch (located in the panel) and disconnect the Ethernet cables from all Access Points, except the one you are going to work with.

Only keep one access point connected to the Ruckus switch throughout the entire process until the new network appears. Once you confirm that the created network is visible in your laptop's "network and internet settings" tab, you can proceed to connect the other access points one by one.

4. Once completed, connect the second access point, and it will automatically join the new network you have created.

Note: Ensure that ALL cables are connected to the 12 ports on the front panel, organized in 2 rows of 6 ports each.

Kind regards,

Sofia Gätjens

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In fat AP mode without any configuration, the AP will transmit the SSID of Config xxxx. Its password is SN. The default IP address of the AP is (if there is a DHCP server in the network, it will automatically obtain the address). You can access the AP use url https ://x.x.x.x, username and password: super/sp-admin

If it is an Unleahed AP, no password is required to connect to the SSID of config xxxx. You can access the AP through the obtained gateway address.

Thanks for the reply.


As stated in my post, I do not get the “configure-xxx” option for an SSID. All I see is the “Recover.Me-<last 6 MAC”. Is there a default password for the Recover Me SSID?

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Its password is SN,But after connecting, the terminal cannot obtain the address. You need to manually configure the wireless network to the address of the 192.168.0.X network segment.

You can only keep one AP and PC on the switch, and use the default IP address to access the AP. The prerequisite is that your local network needs to be configured with a 192.168.0.x address.

I used the SN of the WAP I’m trying to get into to log into the “Recover Me” SSID and that did not work (with and without adjusted IP settings). Only this WAP is turned on and plugged into the switch. Please advise.