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ICX 7150-C12P speed change

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I have a Ruckus switch in my Lennar home, which we moved into in early May (2021).  I have a Netgear S8000 Switch in one of the rooms to support the multiple wired connections I need in that room.  Last week I started having speed problems which I believed were related to the Netgear switch. I factory reset it, installed new firmware etc etc. While some problems resolved a new one appeared...or was perhaps the problem all along.

I used to get over 700Mbps download speed and a similar extremely fast upload speed. However now I get an oddly balanced ~90up and ~90 down. Of course my first thought was this was related to the Netgear switch.  It is worth noting that other devices in my home are still getting over 700 up and down. It's just my room that's getting 90/90.

So I eliminated the switch from the equation and plugged a laptop directly into the cable going to the wall (and back to the Ruckus switch). I still got a balanced 90/90.  Thinking perhaps it was the ethernet cable going from the laptop to the wall, I replaced the cable with a new Cat6 cable. I still got a 90/90 up and down speed.

This now seems to be a speed limitation enforced by the switch, but only on the port that this room connects to(?)

I cannot seem to find a way to connect to an interface on the switch (via browser) to see what the issue might be.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to resolve this so I'm back to my faster download and upload speeds?


New Contributor II

Ended up being an ethernet port on the switch (1/1/8) had gone bad and failed to pass gigabit ethernet. It refused to go any higher than 100Mbps. Ruckus is replacing the switch.

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