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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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BUM Storm control

Hello all, Is it possible to configure BUM storm control in an ICX7150 with action to shutdown the interface? Thanks! Regards

tadesxz by New Contributor II
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ICX 7150 stacking

Can you stack an ICX-7150-24 with an ICX-7150-24P? I have done a stacking with exactly the same model but never mix them in the past. We have a need to power some equipments with PoE and want to add either a 24P or 48P ICX-7150

Resolved! Mac loop taking down uplink ports

I have a hub and spoke network with 7750 at the center and about 20 or so 7250/7150 switches(some in 2-3 switch stacks). There is a network outside of my control but utilizing my 7250/7150 switches for interconnect. i have 802.1w enabled for this vla...

VOIP DHCP Option 43 Not Working | 8090DUFI Code L3

Hi, I've got a VOIP phone, and option 43 converted over to hex. I have verified that everything outside of the ICX is correct, because I can push the options to the phones from another vendor switch using the same hex string and a dhcp server local...

Resolved! ICX 7150 12p misconfiguration

Hello. I have 3 7150 12p and all have the same problem: if connected to another Ruckus switch with 1G SFP link is down. But if I connect with another brand everything is OK.  Firmware = 08.0.95a ICX7150 to ICX7150 = NO OK ICX7150 to UNIFI US-8-150 = ...