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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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ICX 7550 24ZP / 48ZP Airflow

Is there any documentation listing max airflow requirements for the ICX 7550 switches and fan curves for their fan modules? I need to ensure that they are getting enough air in an enclosure. 

Ruckus1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! ICX-7150 Firmware Format

Hello,I have been working on a network automation script to update firmware of our switches. I have noticed that most of the time the firmware displays as SPS08070a or SPR08080d on a show flash but occasionally the firmware displays as 08.0.70d or 08...

WilliamM by New Contributor
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Resolved! ICX 7450 - 802.1x vlans

I've put ports 1/1/1-1/1/5 Untagged and they're assigned to a vlan 10 that I created.Now when i run the command,dot1x enable ethernet 1/1/1, it errors out in:Error - MAC-AUTH/Dot1x cannot be enabled on UNTAGGED port 1/1/1 on non-system default vlan.D...

Change mgmt IP def-gw on ICX7150 8095d

Hi,I have a bunch of ICX switches (7[1/4/5]50) set up on management VLAN 1300 with IPs 10.20.10/24. I need to change the IP net from 10.20.10 to 10.12.10 and it seems to have changed or is buggy in the fastiron 8.90.5d.When deploying them the mgmt ne...

Kpiti by New Contributor
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Connection between Cisco and Ruckus switches

Regards to all, I have a question, if you can advise me. We have one server in the Cisco network in VLAN 90 that comes on the Ruckus Core switch and still the VLAN 90 is missed on the Ruckus AP. The problem is that access control devices connected to...