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Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P won't boot. Yellow on SYST, Green on Power

New Contributor

Hello, I had to reset power to the router hoping it will solve internet connectivity issues. .  Ruckus doesn't appear to have reset.  Called my ISP and they've indicated that the modem and router are working.  We can get connected to the ISP Router, but it's local to the closet where it's installed (very poor connection in my home office on the other side of the house.  I've attempted a power reboot of the Ruckus multiple times.  All I'm getting is a yellow light on SYST and a green light on PWR).  According to what I've seen, that indicates it is stuck in the boot cycle.  I unplugged the unit, pressed the reset button and plugged it back in a couple of times.  I've finally gotten it to flash the LED's all yellow.  However, that's all they do.  Flash yellow continuously for a few minutes.

If I need to connect to console, I have RJ45 cable with an USB adapter to connect to my windows PC.

Any help is appreciated to get my router up and running. Thank you.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi VGLennar

Thank you for reaching us. 

Could you please let me know if you are from Lennar homes ? 

Could you please help us with the picture of front panel of the switch after connecting to a power source? 


Also please run through the below link and check if you have access to ICX switch using console (Upload this picture as well to the portal )

Also run through below Software Recovery procedure and try it with the switch and upload picture in case you are seeing a error when you try the procedure in below link

Please upload the pictures using the below option in the portal in case you end on a error while trying the procedure mentioned in the above link. 


Please feel free to reach us if any concerns.