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My ruckus Poe is not working

New Contributor

My ruckus Poe stopped working 


RUCKUS Team Member


-Check if it is happening on all POE ports or just 1 poe port?
-Check the port light indication -Green or Amber if it's on 1 port and try to connect any other poe device on this interface and check if it is powering up
-“show inline power " this command will help you to find out the issue on the port
-"“show inline power detail debug” would show as “UNKNOWN” for the failed devices"
-Most of the poe related issues are fixed on this version 8095g

The best thing would be to open a support case (see my signature) so that we can check in detail if it is software or hardware issue.

Zairah Javeed
Sr Tech Support Engineer


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Team 

Attaching the below doc link for reference on PoE troubleshooting. Thanks