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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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Resolved! Tunnel option missing from IP Route command

Am I missing something?ICX-7450 with the IPSEC service module, running 08.0.90f Router CodeI am relatively new to Ruckus and the prior team deployed IPSEC tunnels across untrusted spaces.  While setting up a new location I am able to establish an IPS...

gmoneyup1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! How do I know if my switch has route image or switch image

How do I know if my switch has route image or switch image?Does this R indicates router mode? Is there any way I can know this from show flash itself or some other command which doesn't need booting with image first?UNIT 1: compiled on Dec 17 2014 at...

Resolved! Target Path vs Recommended Firmware

What is differences between "Target Path" and "Recommended Firmware"?Which one is best choice to upgrade.For example of ICX7450 (as of 2022-09-12):Target Path: 08090kRecommended Firmware: 08095g

ys by New Contributor III
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ICX 7150 firmware

Can any one tell me why 08.0.95g is the recommended firmware when there is 09.0.10c?I have all my 7250's on 09.0.10c and when I contracted support for an issue they said that I need to go back to 08.0.95g. Confused

ICX7650 stack switch reboot

Dear ALL,We found our stack switch(3 x members) was unexpected reboot twice times, anyone can help how to troubleshoot? Support