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ICX Switch is Disconnected

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I moved into a Lennar home a few months ago. I'm trying to setup my network:

ATT Gateway (BGW210-700) -> OpenWrt router -> ICX 7150-C12P  -> 2 R510 APs with:

- Gateway -> OpenWrt router: IP Passthrough

- OpenWrt router -> ICX 7150-C12P: ethernet from a LAN port on the router to port #1 on the ICX 7150-C12P.

- ICX 7150-C12P -> 2 R510 APs: POE

Is the above setup seems reasonable?

While Internet is available via the 2 APs, the switch is showing as disconnected on the Unleashed admin dashboard with the following message:

ICX Switch is Disconnected

MAC Address:
IP Address:
Failed to ping ICX Suggest checking the network.
How do I fix this so that I can use wired internet?




Unfortunately I don't know the IP of the switch. I set that IP hoping that it's up but it doesn't seem to work.

I guess the only option now is serial?

Hi @BAT1610 

Hope you are doing well

Idk why my replied was done like multiples times.

-You can check on your router that there is a tab which is most often called 'client devices' to check the IP addresses that the router has been leased to.

-You can downloads an IP scanner :

-As you mentioned you can access to the switch via console 

-Some times a hard reboot is needed to start seeing the IP address of the switch 

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 



Internal Employee

Below is the link to reset password on ICX switch.

Adding to the post a link from RUCKUS Lennar Support where Imran was helping customer with accessing the switch . He has shared lot of links which will help in troubleshooting the device better.

I hope this helps. Thanks