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No lights on Ruckus APs

New Contributor

My APs are not receiving power (no lights present) after the ICX-7150-12CP switch was disconnected from power, the switch has two lights present (see attached picture). I read through similar posts on here and followed steps to console the switch with USB-C to USB, which I was able to do. I also followed steps to perform a software recovery but was unsuccessful as I received the following:

ICX7150-Boot>setenv ipaddr

ICX7150-Boot>setenv gatewayip

ICX7150-Boot>setenv netmask

ICX7150-Boot>setenv serverip









ver=10.1.15T225 (Jan 30 2019 - 23:08:47 -0800)


Environment size: 189/16379 bytes



bcm_xgs_gmac-0 Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete......... TIMEOUT !

Auto-neg error, defaulting to 10BT/HD

Change GMAC speed to 10MB

Using bcm_xgs_gmac-0 device


ARP Retry count exceeded; starting again

ping failed; host is not alive


I am not sure if the error was due to not being connected with an Ethernet, the step in which I was required to input an IP address was to be done through an Ethernet properties (see step below), however, my laptop does not have an Ethernet port so I used the properties for the Bluetooth and WiFi (see attached pic). Since I received an error I am unsure what to do next. 

Start>type control panel>View network status and Task>change adapter setting>Ethernet>right click properties>Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)>Select Use the following IP address>insert the same information I have>Click OK




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ampersand ,

Thank you for posting your query !!!

I understand that your APs are not receiving power (no light present) after the
ICX-7150-12cp switch was disconnected from the power .And I also notice that
you have tried a software recovery but no luck over there and you are getting
the error.

I also notice that from the image you provided that the unit is having amber light . And When the SYS light is amber that means that the switch is stuck in boot mode.

I have a question for you here :

1> Did you try to boot the ICX 7150-12cp from primary and secondary image from  service os .If not try to boot the primary or secondary partition like this: boot_primary or boot_secondary.

Regarding the error which you are getting it seems you are not reachable to the default gateway ip= that is you laptop in this case . So make sure you laptop is having a TFTP server application with reachability towards the ICX .And make sure you have Ethernet cable connectivity from your ICX  to  laptop because here Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity wont help .

Could you please try again the software recovery method by following the below video link .

Please let us know how it goes.

Moving Forward If this issue is not resolved , Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you to process RMA

I hope this information helps you

Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns

Note: Please feel free to mark the post as ACCEPTED SOLUTIONS if its addressed your query.


Thank you for the quick reply. In the response I was told to “make sure you have Ethernet cable connectivity from your ICX  to  laptop because here Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity wont help”, however, as I stated in the initial post I stated I do not have an Ethernet post, how would I proceed in this instance? 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ampersand,

There is no way , other than using ethernet port connectivity between laptop and ICX to Perform software recovery Hope that helps !

That does no make any sense to me as the instructions are also for a USB to USB-C cable.