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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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Ansible ICX module doesnt work

Hello,Want to somehow make icx module work from ansible, but running into a problem.I have a simple playbook just for testing (show ver) but it gives me an error:---- name: show ver  hosts: all  gather_facts: no  connection: local  vars:    ansible_n...

Mix stacks of ICX 7650

Hi everyone, question..I was planning to design a mix stack of Ruckus ICX 7650-48ZP and ICX 7650-48P will that be possible?And also, I am reading on datasheet about notes on ICX 7650-48P that says "ICX 7650-48Ponly supports 2x40G rear facing uplink p...

applying acl on ve ip address

Hi guys, I'm experiencing a new problem. I configured  an ACL  to restrict access from vlans to other vlans, applying it on virtual interface. If The traffic cannot reach the vlans  to which the ACL is applying, but the ip address assigned to the vir...

BGP Prevent AS from being a Transit AS

I have a BGP setup that looks like this, and although it is working great for two WAN circuits (for redundancy), I would rather advertise only local routes though..  Currently, I am doing an AS Pre-Pend to load-balance the incoming traffic a little, ...

netwizz by Contributor III
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DHCP Relay Not working ICX 7150-48-POE L3 08.0.90e

I have all the workstations at one site unable to pull an IP address from DHCP suddenly this morning and no idea why.  This is a small site running a single ICX 7150-48-POE unit with Layer-3 code for 08.0.90e.The users are only getting 169.254.x.x AP...

netwizz by Contributor III
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