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I am new to Ruckus products

I am trying to configure a R500 FlexZone. I see island-250E10 in my wifi, when I try to connect to it I use the sp-admin for the pw but it says incorrect pw. I am new to Ruckus and need some help please. I have given my computer an ip address of 192....

PHY Error Stats

Can anyone tells how to read and understand this logs and what it indicate ?------------ PHY Error Stats ------------ 1570295586 PHY errors since clearing all stats     298 OFDM timing     18 OFDM illegal parity     4 OFDM illegal rate     187 ...

Social Media Slowless Zone Director 1200(Facebook)

I am implementing in my company 12 APs Ruckus controlled by a Zone Director 1200. After approving the APs in the zone director and setting up a Visitor Network with social media Facebook, after checking in I notice a quality far below the other netwo...