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I am new to Ruckus products

New Contributor II
I am trying to configure a R500 FlexZone. I see island-250E10 in my wifi, when I try to connect to it I use the sp-admin for the pw but it says incorrect pw. I am new to Ruckus and need some help please. I have given my computer an ip address of sub of and gate of when I try to connect via browser it says not found.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello Troy,

We can retrieve your AP using any of the below 2 scenarios.


- If you are accessing the AP on default IP ( directly by connecting a laptop, then there is no need to give default gateway.

- I hope AP is reachable (ping connectivity) from the laptop. If yes, I believe https access might be disabled on the AP because of which you are unable to access it through GUI. So, you can try login from CLI using any SSH tool like putty on port 22.

Use the APs default credentials to login : super/sp-admin

To enable https access on the AP, execute the following command.

set https enable

- You can then access the AP through web UI.


Island SSID :

When a Mesh AP becomes isolated from mesh network and unable to finds its uplink root AP, it starts broadcasting a recovery SSID (named "island-"), which you can use to connect directly to the AP and make configuration changes. 

Check if this AP was connected to any ZD earlier where mesh was enabled on it.

We have a process to recover the isolated mesh AP but we need ZD mesh configuration for that.

Follow the below article for recovery mechanisms.

Hope this is helpful.

- Anusha

New Contributor II
No ZD.

New Contributor II
I wont connect using the sp-admin pw.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Please hard reset the AP once and check. It will remove if there is any mesh configuration and sets it to default config. And then try with the default credentials.

While performing a hard reset, make sure you press & hold the 'Hard reset' pin hole for 10-15 seconds and release.