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enabling DHCP server on standalone AP

New Contributor II

I want to enable DHCP server on an R310 AP, the AP has a static IP address of, subnet I know I need to enable a local subnet to enable DHCP, but am not sure what to use as 'local IP address' & 'Subnet mask' on the subnet entry screen. Can I just use the static IP of the AP with same subnet mask, and can I just use  access VLAN as 1

Esteemed Contributor II
Can you explain a little further about your network to help us understand your question?

What other network equipment do you have?  Is there a Router to the Internet?  Is the AP connected to a Switch?

Are you trying to create a Local Area Network with no Internet connection, just the AP and things you want to connect?

An R310 only has one Eth port, so you cannot route a new LAN network NAT translated, thru the AP to your 10.20.1.x network.
If you had a 2 port AP, the 2nd port LAN would need to use a VLAN matching the Local network you define.

You could route the AP's wireless clients, NAT translated from a new local network, thru the AP to your 10.20.1.x network.
As all these clients would be wireless, you could use any VLAN on the Local network, without a router for that VLAN (and
assuming you only intend to use this one R310 AP).

New Contributor II
The router is, I have a mixture of ruckus/proxim APs, the APs have static IPs in the range and each AP needs to have a DHCP server with a pool of 100 IPs, so this AP has a static IP of and I would like it to give out IPs in the range - subnet mask The APs are connected to various switches going back to a main switch which connects to the router. The proxims are dead easy to configure as dhcp server, just start/end ip address and subnet mask. I just need a little help with the ruckus