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r300 setup issues

i'm connecting my ruckus r300 ap to the ethranet cable but only the PWR light is on. I can't see the wireless name on th e wifi search and can't connet it for any configuration.

VSZ-H for SSID Tunneling

I know that if I have VSZ-E and VSZ-D I can setup tunneled SSID's from the branch locations back to the Data Center.What I am trying to see is is VSZ-D an absolute must requirement?  Because all the tunneling options seem to be available in VSZ-H can...

ZD 1200 client won't connect

We are currently having issues connecting 'New' clients to our AP's that is controlled by a ZD1200. we have MAC filtering enabled and had reached the 128 limit for the amount of MACs we can have in the list, so I've deleted some of the old ones, adde...