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ZD1200 not being seen on network

Hi all,We have a site that uses R500 APs and a ZD1200 to manage then in a mesh config.The APs cannot see the ZD1200 and we cannot see it on the network so we are left with no WiFi system currently. I have checked the cabling against a known good site...

Intermittent WiFi Calling Issues

Are there any setting or protocol configurations I should be sensitive to for iPhone and/or AT&T phones to ensure WiFi calling service?I am running two R500s Unleashed.  They  are on v200.  My firewall/router is a Netgate SG-3100 running ...

R610, add R600

I have a R610 in gateway mode, add a R310 , everything work fine,. When i add a R600 (after factory reset, new fimware,) i become the message: building new ......, but nothing happend The R600 comes with configme and become a ip adress from the R6...