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FW upgrade issue

I have 30 H510 APs having unknown FW version and not registering in SmartZone. I have the correct FW downloaded but APs are not allowing access through web portal, TFTP or SSH. Please help me on FW upgrade.

Indoor APs for campus/dormitory

Hi everyone, need your advice and experience sharing. Which indoor AP is best in campus/dormitory environment? With regards to price/coverage balance and can be controlled by vSZ?I read about R310/320 APs. Any experience with this model lately? Likes...

R700 R600 on a 12v battery

I have a situation that I wish to run R700 or R600 on a 12V battery supply. I am wondering what the voltage tolerance for these devices might be or is 12V regulated the only option, other than POe.One concern is the battery at full charge can be 16V,...

P300 setting

I am using P300 now. Ruckus recommends using the default setting if you don't use special reason. My question is that if the distance is within 1km for each device, which should I use a 3km setting following the recommendation or 1km?