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R320 question

New Contributor

ok now here is the thing.... i am new to this.....

i have an r320 version i install the 

Virtual SmartZoneHigh Scale 
1st question do i have to buy license? for that or there is a free controller like unifi
2nd how to adopt the ap to the smartzone i see different firmwares ...
I would appreciate the help

New Contributor III


1st VSZ comes with one perpetual license, four 90-day temporary licenses. When a temporary license expires, you will need to purchase a license.

2nd By default, after the VSZ-h goes online, the AP will be in the staging zone, you need to move the AP to the target zone, and the AP will synchronize the firware of the target zone.


RUCKUS Team Member


In order to onboard the AP to vSZ, you need to have a way to get the AP discover the vSZ. Most common ways of SmartZone discovery  are :-

1. Using DHCP option 43

2. DNS record

3. Manually setting SmartZone IP on the AP CLI using "set scg ip < SZ IP >" command.

You can refer to this video by Ruckus Networks Education for more details on this -


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