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R700 unleashed

New Contributor II
Can somebody help me understand why the R700 is not supported by unleashed? It seems now to be the one mainstream indoor AP not supported. It's really frustrating it is not supported I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way.

Esteemed Contributor II
I've asked DevEng and Product Mktg why I can't get an Unleashed version for all my Solo 7982 APs at home too?

Problem is not enough memory size on these early release model APs...  They barely fit the code on R310, which
can't do mesh or more than 8 SSIDs.

Contributor II
Since R710 - a WAVE 2 AP is already supported in Unleashed portfolio R700 is not supported (which is WAVE 1). 

New Contributor II
why is r600 supported which is wave 1?

Unleashed was launched back in October 2015. At the time of launch only WAVE-1 APs were available and given R500 and R600 were the most popular and high volume APs in controller portfolio and the fact that Unleashed target customers are cost sensitive we decided to launch Unleashed with those two mid-range APs. Three months later we added outdoor model T300 and entry level R310. 

By that time our R710 was ready and hence, instead of R700 (being WAVE-1) we added R710 (WAVE-2) to Unleashed portfolio. 

I hope that clarifies it better!