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P300 and Replacement

New Contributor III


Our company had standardized on the P300 for P2P communications between buildings.

But P300 is eol.

We are very happy with the P300.we want to buy backup P300. But  there is no P300 product anymore.

What is a replacement device for P300 for P2P communication ?

in the P300 , there is never a time out in the communication between two buildings. 

it should definitely be like P300 or higher in terms of features and quality. !!!

Thank you very much







Internal Employee

Hi @seckin_onder 
Please find the link below for the list of available products based on the requirement.

Thank you.

Which one would you recommend with the same or above quality as the p300? 

Which of these products is close to p300? t750 or t350

Please help me


Please go through the below discussion which would help you :

Best Regards