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Bonjour Gateway Google Cast Issues

New Contributor III
I have a laptop running AirServer connected to an SSID in vlan 760.  I have wireless clients in vlans 730 and 731.  I have created and applied a policy to forward both Google Cast and AirPlay from vlan 760 to 730 and 731.  I also created a fencing policy to forward those on the same AP and 1 hop neighbors.  I enabled bonjour gateway on one of my AP's and AirPlay from iOS devices works great.  GoogleCast does not seem to work unless I move the AirServer machine into the same vlan as the cast device.  I have used wireshark on a machine in vlan 730 and can see the googlecast mdns traffic from the machine in vlan 760 but android clients still are unable to find AirServer.  I have a traffic policy temporarily that allows all traffic from the devices in vlan 730 and 731 to vlan 760.  Any ideas?