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Syslog - Client association username/IP

After upgrade from 9.8 to 10.0, the number of messages showing user/ip sent to syslog has decreased and not all client associations are being passed instantly (or at all) to stamgr: stamgr_send_log_v4():operation=add ......." We rely on th...


Do you know, how to setting authenticaton email server?I mean, I have a SSID then user only connect to SSID with using email company. So if someone doesnt have email company, they can not connect to SSID.

AD authentication on virtual smartzone

Hello,I want to create a WLAN (on virtual Smartzone high scale) with AD authntication.Unfortunately, when I create the Authentication profile, i get an error messageIf I select radius, i don'thave this error (but the authentication doesn't work.It se...

Set remote syslog port

On a ZD-1200, I need to setup a remote syslog server, but using an alternate port.  In the web UI, I'm not seeing a way to specify anything but the IP.  This article also doesn't mention it: there...

Roaming ZoneDirector 1200 and ZoneFlex R150

Hi.. anyone how to know setting smartroam in ZoneDirector 1200?I have case, if I use internet in "access point A" and then I will move to "Access Point B" for connecting internet in different place. My smartphone must be connecting again with enter t...