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Second hand ZD licences

Hi AllMy school has a ZD1100 with 12 licences.  If we purchase a second hand ZD1100 with 25 licences will we be able to use our current ruckus WAP's and add a few more?  This is a temporary fix to extend our coverage before we do a proper upgrade to ...


We are migrating from a ZD1100 to a ZD1200. We managed to import the configuration in ZD1200 (backup from ZD1100) however the generated and active gust passes don't seem to work on the new ZD1200. Is there a way to solve this or do we need to prive a...

Users Being Redirected To Guest Portal IP Not FQDN

I have a ZD3000 Running build 232. When a user connects and the guestpass signin / registration page appears, they are being sent to the Zone Director's IP address rather than the FQDN I specified when installing my GlobalSign Wildcard Cert....

How To Remove an AP From A Map

Does anyone know how (other than deleting an AP from the controller) you can remove or "un-place" an AP on a map? We have several floorplans and, during deployment a couple got on the wrong floor plan. To the best of my knowledge, there doesn't seem ...