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how do I get SSL cert for ZD3000 and Windows Radius server?

New Contributor
Hi, I want to integrate Windows s2012 R2 radius server with our ZD3000. I need a SSL cert from a public ca and Ruckus docs say the certificate needs to match the fqdn of the radius server. In my case this would be server01.mydomain.local. I'm planning to buy the cert from GoDaddy, but have found you can't obtain public CA SSL certs for intranet\internal names/addresses. My server is only on the local network so doesn't have an external domain name. Any suggestions on how I can get this to work please? Thanks in advance 🙂 

New Contributor II
Set up a internal CA server. its how we got ours working 

New Contributor
do you mean use a Windows server to issue a self signed cert?