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Spectrum Analysis 5ghz

I'm not sure when, as I haven't had a case to use it lately, but I am unable to select the 5ghz band to perform Spectrum Analysis. Unfortunately, we have a video transmitter that the Wi-Fi is causing issues with and I need to run a test asap. Any ide...

Client Disconnetion - IP:

Hello,our smartphones have no internet after an indefinite time. Both androids and iphones are affected by this. The notebooks work without problems. If I pull a log from the accesspoint the concerned mobile as ip address the In Zonedirector...

facebook wi-fi redirect after check-n

I have Facebook WiFi WLAN working.  After check-in when you click 'continue browsing' it redirects to ruckus webpage instead of the original browser destination.  Is there a way to make this the original destination.Th...

Unable to upgrade my ZD1100

Hi!I have a ZD1100 with  firmware and Two AP zf7372.Today, it's really hard to connect the Administration because updated web browser block website using RC4. So I have decided upgrade my ZD.I saw that it wasn't possible to upgrade directl...