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Fortigate and Ruckus Wifi Setup

New Contributor II

We are trying to setup a Fortigate UTM with Ruckus ZoneDirector 3000.

What we would like to achieve is to have a single sign on on the Wireless Network (either using Ruckus Captive Portal / Web Authentication or only through the Fortigate Captive Portal)

Currently when we set this up we are hit by two authentication process; First authenticate with Ruckus Captive Portal first which appears when we first connect to the wifi SSID and then Second; when we open a browser to access a website on the internet; we then again hit the Fortigate Captive portal to authenticate a second time before we can access the site on the internet.

Does anyone have any idea how we can make the setup work with only one authentication process?

We need to separate the Staff with the Students which is why we have (2) separate SSID's that we use so I don't think an Open SSID (disable captive portal / web authentication on Ruckus) will work because a Staff or Student can always choose freely between the (2) SSID's if its setup as Open. This is why we also use captive portal / web authentication on Ruckus so we can create Account Roles on the SSID's to distinguish the users.

We are using Active Directory to authenticate users and our ZoneDirector version is 9.12 build 49.

Any Ideas / suggestions based on your experiences?