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Using ZD1100 as a backup for ZD1200

New Contributor
Hello there!
I have 2 controllers in the same project and i want to use one of them as an automatic backup if the first one fail. The main controller is ZD1200 and the backup would be the ZD1100.
Is it possible at all? And if so, how it should be done?
Thanks in advance,

Contributor II
Yes it's possible.  You are talking about an N+1 situation.  You can do this in the Configure>Access Point> Access Point Policies, enable "Limited ZD Discovery" set the "Prefer Primary ZD" and configure the AP to only connect to two ZD IP address/name for example (a 3 ZD environment, but it can be 2 or more):

Controller 1 =
Controller 2 =
Controller 3 =

Controller 1, AP Policies:

Controller 2 AP Polocy:

Controller 2: Policy:
Do not set, this way the AP's list of Primary and Secondary ZD is intact when it's on the third controller so I can go back to the "Preferred Controller"

You will have to make sure that config from controller 1 and 2 are on controller 3, wlan/wlangroup/AP/AP group, so that if an AP from controller 1 or 2 somehow connects to the "secondary"/backup controller it will be able to join, put in the correct AP group and use the appropriate wlans.  Just make sure that you have enough license on the backup controller to accommodate the APs.  If controller 1 has 50 AP and controller 2 has 100 AP and you want the backup controller to be able to handle the load if BOTH controller 1 and 2 does, you will need to make sure controller 3 has 150 AP license.  If you expect that only one will ever fail at any given time then you only need 100 AP license so if controller 2 fails, all the APs can be managed.


New Contributor
Hey Sid!
Thank you for the datailed reply i really appreciate it!
Seems like a pretty easy procedure i will give it a go right away.

what sid said is correct process however whenever AP's move from one ZD to another, they will re-upgrade/downgrade always depending on the controller they were earlier connected...
some of the AP's which are supported on ZD1100 may not work on ZD1200 as max pointed out..

Valued Contributor
Might not be applicable to your situation but bear in mind:
1100 is EOL and cannot run the latest firmware
1100 does not support all APs.

Your 1200 might be running newer firmware and might be connecting to newer APs.
Everything okay now, great but you will always have to be aware you cannot update the 1200 to latest f/w or add recent APs without losing the 1100 from your setup.