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Announcement: ZD MR Patch 1 Release (.201 update)

Esteemed Contributor II
   An important update for ZoneDirectors, version Patch 1 has just been posted

to Support downloads page for ZD1200, ZD3000, and ZD5000 model controllers.

    Two important fixes have been incorporated, for an 802.3af PoE issue for R710s, and

an incorrect channel utilization in 2.4GHz.  Original had wrong inner firmware

version info on some ac model APs.

ZD (MR Patch1) Software Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR Patch1) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR Patch1) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR Patch1) Software Release:

New Contributor III
Dear Michael, I have a new customer that has been using zd3400 version build 29 and zf7025. Now we plan to expand network with R700, R600 and T301. Please will 901-zd3000-9-12-2-0-201-mr support the old zf7025 and new R700, T301 and R600. If not, what zd firmware version would you recommend?

No is the short answer - ZF7025 caps you at firmware.

release note for firmware for ZD (2015-07-29)
Release 9.8.3 supports the following platforms: •
ZoneDirector 1100 version •
ZoneDirector 3000 version •
ZoneDirector 5000 version •
ZoneFlex 7025 802.11n Wired/Wireless Wall Switch build

zf7025 is EOL and not supported on later releases.
So this is newest firmware and as far as you can go to have all your devices working on your ZD.

Bear in mind that 9.8.3 is quite a step up (in capabilities) and you need to look carefully into recommended upgrade path from your f/w.

The release notes for ZD firmware 9.10.2 specifically mention ZF7025
NOTE: ZoneFlex 7025 APs are no longer supported as of 9.10, and cannot be upgraded to ZoneFlex version 9.10, 9.10.1 or 9.10.2. 

Thanks Max for your feedback, please may someone make it clearer to us. Which Firmware can support 901-T300-xx81 (T300e) wireless mesh, R600 and ZF7025. In other words, can firmware support 901-T300-xx81 (T300e) wireless mesh? Yes or no

Yes or No? - if only I was such a guru and had the time!

Look in pdf release notes of firmware. They are fairly detailed and will tell you if your APs are supported or not. Might or might not give you mesh capabilities at that f/w revision.

Find the highest level of firmware all your APs will support...I have given a pointer in previous answer. Then check if Mesh is noted as having any issues, if not then it's (very likely) good to go.