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Multiple AAA-Servers in Zonedirector

New Contributor
Hello Community, Ruckus,

There is a request which keeps coming from a clients and to which I am not sure whether there is a proper Solution existing.

Imagine a Ruckus managed hotspot Network with open Authentication so that People can log in by supplying some User details or a Facebook Account.
This setup can easily be done by Authenticating against a 3rd party analytics AAA-Provider like Purplewifi.

Now the interesting part comes in when the hotspot network is under control of a ISP/Carrier which also wants to offer on the same Redirect/Landing Page a Link for his returning and Prepaid or even Postpaid customers to sign in via AAA against the ISP's own AAA-Server/OSS.

This would mean, dependent on the Landing Page's Output (which username or which Variable), the Zonedirector has then to ask a different AAA-Server for Authentication:
-- Purplewifi for 'free hotspot-guests'
-- Local-Carrier AAA for 'prepaid customers'

Does Ruckus have the possibility to setup multiple AAA-Server on the Zonedirectors AAA-Client which would then be triggered dependent on the hotspot-Landing Page Form Output?

Or does such a implementation as require a completely different approach (which one if yes?')?

Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot,
Heiko Rehm

I can't answer the question exactly, but the typical way to solve something like this is to run a radius proxy server, all requests go through that and based on one of the options passed you then pass that down to the correct radius server to do the actual auth

New Contributor
Proxy Realms -- Thats the solution!!
Thanks a lot for the Hint!!!!