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problem with unleahed portal , proxy server and AD connexion

New Contributor

I have a problem when I use simultaneously the captive portal with active directory and a proxy server configured on the computer. The user authenticates but cannot connect to the internet. I tried with a GPO to set the proxy with no result.

I managed to connect the laptops to the wifi terminals and get internet access.

However, to do so was a bit complicated. Here are the steps in order to successfully connect the PCs:

- Disable the proxy on the Windows system and on the browser

- Connect to the WIFI network

- The Ruckus portal page appears and I authenticate with a domain session

- I'm authenticated but since the proxy is disabled I can't get internet

- I close everything and put the proxy back on Windows and on the browser by adding a proxy exception: 192.168.*

- This time, when I connect to a website, it works.


It's a bit complicated, it's a college and you can't do that for every course