RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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What "CfgId" and "StaRate" (R720/Unleashed 200.15)

From an ssh session, typing "get election" on a member AP shows various, mostly self explanatory, but I am confused by what the config id and station rate fields mean. One AP that is having some issues has a different CfgId from the rest (always 1), ... Apple devices connectivity issues

Since upgrading to, Apply devices (laptops, phones etc) won't occasionally to the network, 2xH550 and 1xR650. When it happens, the  OS shows as "connected" but it fails at DHCP, DHCP is external to Ruckus with short (5 min leases). Ne...

sgg222 by New Contributor III
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Degradation of WIFI speed and signal quality

Good morning,I have 7 AP Ruckus, with 2 models 5 AP model R320 and 2 model R310.I updated the firmware to version this week and since then, the Internet speed has gone from 200 Mpps to 20/40 Mpps and at maximum it reaches 80 Mpps whi...

mohammed by New Contributor II
  • 3 replies
  • 0 kudos grey screen after login

Since I updated my unleashed set-up to I cannot login any longer by any browser.Configuration with issue:- R750 as preferred master- R350- unleashed without issue:- HW same as above- unleashed 200.14..... ...

Tobias by New Contributor
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Identify DFS Radar Interference Frequency

I am currently using (United States) DFS channels in the 5GHz spectrum due to congested airways. I have my syslog server set up to alert me when an AP detects DFS interference, but I notice that the 'Radar found' log only shows the primary (first) ch...

Crocodino by New Contributor II
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