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problem with unleahed portal , proxy server and AD connexion

New Contributor

I have a problem when I use simultaneously the captive portal with active directory and a proxy server configured on the computer. The user authenticates but cannot connect to the internet. I tried with a GPO to set the proxy with no result.

I managed to connect the laptops to the wifi terminals and get internet access.

However, to do so was a bit complicated. Here are the steps in order to successfully connect the PCs:

- Disable the proxy on the Windows system and on the browser

- Connect to the WIFI network

- The Ruckus portal page appears and I authenticate with a domain session

- I'm authenticated but since the proxy is disabled I can't get internet

- I close everything and put the proxy back on Windows and on the browser by adding a proxy exception: 192.168.*

- This time, when I connect to a website, it works.


It's a bit complicated, it's a college and you can't do that for every course


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hello @sabiaux_herve44,

Checking the connection flow it seems intended behavior.

When you have a proxy configured, your redirection may not work correctly, this is why removing the policy fixes the redirection and authentication. But since computer no longer has proxy, your traffic may not hit the internet, depending upon how your network and proxy server is configured for customer network access.

May I know if the IP address you get post connecting to AP and passing captive portal is a valid IP which has internet access? If only way to access internet is proxy server, this is indeed intended behavior.

Syamantak Omer
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