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C110 use WITHOUT cable modem possible

I am looking at replacing some of the Mikrotik stuff I have in place at my home compound with some Ruckus gear.  I have a few R500's and R510 now that I have in the main home but I've been using Mikrotik AP's similar to the C110 in some of the outbui...

jaysin144 by New Contributor
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Technical.Support-8057 SSID

Hello all,I have three R650's running Unleashed v200. I have been running into an issue where they will be broadcasting but will not provide access to the internet (while still able to access the internet through the network switch they a...

Peternet by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unleashed API

Is there published or unpublished API for Unleashed?I'm looking for the MACs from cli command "show current-active-clients all". 

ms by New Contributor II
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Poor performance using Surface laptop on 200.12

I have a client who has a R510 Unleashed, this client hasn't had any major problems over the years.  We do regular updates and the none of the wireless clients have really had any issues on this site.After updating from to

JJW2009 by New Contributor III
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All clients reconnect every 3.5 days [200.12]

I have the following APs running on Unleashed 200.12:1xR6502xH550Network type: WPA2-PSK/OpenThe problem statement:All clients disconnect after about 5000 minutes (300000 sec / 83.3 hours / about 3.5 days) on all APs/SSIDs/Radios due to "idle timeout"...

sgg222 by New Contributor
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